Plynt Penetration testing provides
assurance for Web Applications

Plynt penetration testing utilizes tools and techniques that are constantly updated to include all known threats and risks. This means that after your application is Plynt tested and certified, it can be used with the absolute assurance that it is secure.


Use your site with the confidence that it’s guaranteed secure.

Eliminate threats by raising the threshold for potential intrusions, theft and fraud.

Give stakeholders in your site tools that meet the highest security standards.

Reduce your customers’ security concerns.

Satisfy management and external auditors that you’ve taken the initiatives necessary to safeguard internal security (SAS70, ISO 27000, HIPAA, GLBA and other regulations).

You receive on-demand service with the flexibility to schedule your tests.

You pay only for penetration testing when you need it without spending extra on tools or infrastructure.

You receive a testing service that digs deep to uncover all potential risks.

You receive support through your site’s entire lifecycle.

You receive lock-in rates for future releases.


(Plynt)… Provided cost effective security testing service and exceeded Medmarc’s technical expectations. Their professionalism is evidenced by their high quality work.

– Richard Wilkins, Medmarc

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