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As a CIO, CISO or owner of information security in your organization, you want to ensure your organization's Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications and networks are secure. As networks, applications and vulnerabilities constantly evolve a security program that is comprehensive, periodic and focused is usually  the answer. Hundreds of organizations globally are choosing Plynt as their security testing partner because of those very reasons along with great customer service and on demand features like dashboards, solution repositories and developer  training. Plynt’s core offerings are penetration testing, application security testing / certification & security code reviews.

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Security testing programs that fit small businesses to global enterprises like a glove

Plynt’s unique hybrid model of Software-as-a-Service integrated with a growing global talent pool enable effective management of diverse security testing programs. Whether your small business needs to secure a single application / network or your global enterprise needs to secure 500+ applications Plynt’s solutions are proven to work for you. Request an online demonstration

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Neil MacDonald, VP & Gartner Fellow at Gartner Inc.

"The demand for application security testing solutions have increased dramatically due to an increase in financially-motivated attacks at the application level as well as specific regulatory and compliance requirements. Most organizations don’t have the resources to perform all application testing internally, so there has been an increase in interest and overall acceptance in remote external application testing services"

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